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The Process

From the union of 4 botanicals comes a legendary gin

There are four selected and distilled botanicals: Angelica, Coriander and Juniper are associated with Peppermint from Pancalieri which determine an aroma with herbaceous and floral notes interspersed with citrus and slightly balsamic hints.

The Secret,

Of the four botanicals present, the main one is the peppermint from Pancalieri, an Italian excellence and a very unique element that gives a fresh and enveloping note to the dry and strong flavor of the dry.

The final touch,

Each botanical is distilled separately inside an alembic still and each batch has a different distillation time. The four distillates obtained are blended according to the original recipe, a delicate process expertly guided by the Master distiller.

The final result is a distilled gin with 43% alcohol by volume.

Turn your
party legendary