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The Origin

a Dry Gin from Italy

our story

Legend was born in the spring of 2020, from the passion of 4 friends, united by the ambition to create a premium gin.

Their goal was to create a balanced gin, suitable for every palate but with a note of uniqueness that made it perfectly recognizable.

After several attempts, thanks to the help of a skilled master distiller, the final recipe for the Legend Gin is born.


Intense flavor but harmonious and round, you can appreciate notes of juniper, interspersed with hints of slightly balsamic citrus.

Its uniqueness is the fresh character determined by the use of Peppermint as the main botanical.

Unique Bottle

The bottle Legend Gin has been designed and cared for in every single detail, in order to best preserve the taste and the secret of our distillate.

The satin-finished glass and the serigraphy in pure gold are the result of careful research and meticulous workmanship, appealing to the eyes, before the palate, the preciousness and character of the gin.

Turn your
party legendary